Picture Gallery for the Azure-crowned Hummingbird

Azure-crowned Hummingbird

Order: Caprimulgiformes

Family: Trochilidae

Genus: Saucerottia

The Azure-crowned Hummingbird (Amazilia cyanocephala) is a hummingbird native to the Central American region. It is known for its strikingly vibrant appearance, featuring iridescent green plumage and a brilliant azure-blue crown on its head. These tiny birds are a common sight in their range, which includes countries from Mexico south to Nicaragua.

In terms of behavior, the Amazilia cyanocephala is highly active and agile, capable of hovering in mid-air and quickly darting from flower to flower to feed on nectar. Like other hummingbirds, it plays a crucial role in pollination by transferring pollen between flowers as it provides, contributing to the reproduction of various plant species.

Azure-crowned Hummingbirds typically inhabit various habitats, including open woodlands, gardens, and forest edges, as long as sufficient nectar-rich flowers are available. They may also feed on small insects and spiders, supplementing their diet with protein.

Antigua Guatemala is one of the best places to observe this species, as you can be on a day tour to El Pilar Reserve or a multiday birding tour.