Picture Gallery for The Morelet’s tree frog

The Morelet’s Tree Frog, scientifically named Agalychnis moreletii and also known as a Black-eyed Tree Frog, is a species of frog that falls under the subfamily  Phyllomedusinae. This fascinating amphibian has a geographical distribution that spans several countries in Central America, including Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico. The preferred habitats of Morelet’s Tree Frog are moist lowland forests and montane forests, both of which can be subtropical and tropical. These frogs are also commonly found in freshwater marshes, including intermittent ones.

  • Kingdom:         Animalia
  • Phylum:           Chordata
  • Class:               Amphibia
  • Order:             Anura
  • Family:             Hylidae
  • Genus:             Agalychnis
  • Species:           A. moreletii

Meet the Morelet’s Tree Frog: Central America’s Green Gem

Let’s take a trip to Central America. Here, you’ll meet a fantastic creature: Morelet’s Tree Frog, also known as Agalychnis moreletii. This frog is a beautiful mix of bright greens and fiery red or golden belly hues.

Living the High Life: Home Amongst the Treetops

Where does this frog live? You’ll find it in tropical forests. These regions are green, rainy, and full of life. Even in places touched by humans, the frog makes a home.

Busy Summers: Love is in the Air

When summer comes, it’s a particular time for the Tree Frog. Picture a concert of croaks filling the warm, wet air. This is how these frogs find their partners. The frogs are flexible, Whether in a pond or a puddle. That’s how they ensure their species continues, no matter what changes come.

The Cycle of Life: From Eggs to Frogs

What’s an exciting event for this frog? It’s laying eggs. The female places green eggs on plants or stones hanging over the water. These green eggs blend in perfectly with the plants. When the baby frogs, or larvae, hatch, they drop into the water. Then, they start to change into adult frogs.

Fighting for Survival: Helping the Green Gem Thrive

Sadly, Black-eyed Tree Frog faces significant problems. Its homes are disappearing, and the weather is changing. But there’s still hope. People are working hard to protect the frog and its home. By creating safe areas and teaching others about the frog, we can help save it.

Why We Love the Morelet’s Tree Frog

So why is Morelet’s Tree Frog so unique? It’s a symbol of Central America’s fantastic variety of life. Its bright colors, survival skills, and the sounds it makes in the forest show us how unique nature can be. Every croak reminds us to care for our shared home, the Earth.

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