Birds of Guatemala

Birds in Guatemala: Discover the Rich Avian Diversity of Guatemala. 

Immerse yourself in the vibrant birdlife of Guatemala, the northernmost country in Central America.

Learn about its unique geography, diverse ecosystems, and the near-endemic bird species that call this beautiful country home.

Birds in Guatemala: Exploring the Avian Wonders of Central America


Guatemala, the northernmost country in Central America, offers a remarkable haven for bird enthusiasts.

With its captivating geography and diverse ecosystems, Guatemala boasts many avian species that thrive in its stunning natural habitats.

Join us on an adventure to explore the rich birdlife of this enchanting country.

Geography and Ecosystems:

Nestled between the Yucatan Peninsula and the Pacific Ocean, Guatemala's diverse topography is vital to its avian biodiversity.

The nation can be split into three distinct regions with unique characteristics.

The Petén lowlands in northern Guatemala feature flatlands barely above sea level, composed of limestone substrate.

In the middle of the country, a majestic system of mountains and volcanoes reaches up to 4,220 meters above sea level.

Lowlands with fertile volcanic soil mark the southern coastal plains of Guatemala.

Avian Diversity:

Guatemala is a haven for birdwatchers, boasting an impressive record of 766 bird species.

Among these, at least 35 species exhibit a geographic restriction spanning southern Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.

These avian treasures are closely associated with the North Central American Pacific Slope and the North Central American Highlands, two critically important Endemic Bird Areas.

Near-Endemic Species:

Five bird species are considered near-endemic to Guatemala, making their presence exclusive to this country and the neighboring Mexican state of Chiapas.

These near-endemic wonders include the Azure-rumped Tanager, which graces the North Central American Pacific Slope, and the Horned Guan, Belted Flycatcher, Pink-headed Warbler, and Black-capped Siskin, all associated with the North Central American Highlands.


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